Woven Writing

In 2014, before I had began my journey with Christ, I had a pull to bring women together in community to love on each other. I found this platform through fitness and brought women from all over my community together every week to work on their health outside, but most importantly, inside. Our God is a funny God and I find myself in awe reflecting on where He led me before I was led to His son Jesus. He was preparing me for things to come without even knowing He was working for my good.

I continue to find myself connected to women from all walks of life, ages and stages. Over the last couple of years, I have started and been apart of groups that bring women together, some of the groups I have started have been successful, some have not. What I do know is that each of them have been to grow in community through Christ. One of the groups I had started in the spring of 2017 was a group I called Woven. The idea was to weave generations of women together to teach and learn basic life/homemaking skills that have been lost. In conversation with friends, I found that many women wanted to learn how to knit, can, sew, you name it, but didn’t know how. This group was away to teach women how to do those things. However, now we are expecting our fourth addition to the family and life looks different, a good different!

God has been asking me to step into my role of mother and homemaker more now than ever before and I will gladly go where He is sending me, but He also asks me to write and grow in community but that it might look differently in this season then it has looked in the past. I was nervous to honor both places God has clearly called me to be, but something is happening that only He can orchestrate and in my 6 years of trying to fulfill my role as mother, wife and Cassie this is a first. Since late fall 2017, I have been stepping more into this role and what I find is that God has created quality time for both roles. I am able to still open the doors to my home and guide women on their journeys, while also loving on my kids in a way I can’t say I have before.

Perhaps instead of teaching lost ‘skills’, God has asked me to teach the lost how to love Christ deeper. Christ has called us to go deeper and to create a relationship with him but what does that look like? How do we develop that if we don’t know where to start?

Woven Writing is a working journal. It is intended to be used along side your daily Bible reading. The idea behind Woven is to help the Bible reader understand the content and context on a deeper level than just skimming through a page or chapter.

I’ve been asked many times, “What would you recommend as a good Bible Study?”. My answer is always, the Bible and used together with Woven Writing, you’ll discover things about God’s Word that you wouldn’t otherwise understand.

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March 7th at 7pm is the next Woven Writing Workshop. At this workshop, we’ll go over what Woven Writing is and how to put it into daily practice.