There are 2 underutilized areas of a persons life that is greatly misused. Each breathing soul possesses the ability to tap into those areas but very few do.

Your awareness of these life saving tools begins to take shape when you become a parent, when you go through tough teenage years, when you get a job promotion, when you get asked to attend an event you never have before. I even see this quiet voice whisper inside my son when I ask him if he is lying or telling the truth about taking the toy without asking. In the back of our mind, we hear the voice start to speak. Some call it a conscious, I call it God. This little voice follows you around with everything you do. When you make a choice you know you’re not supposed to, the voice speaks up reminding you that 3 drinks at your work party is enough, that sweater in your cart might cost you a meal for your family, that quick run through the drive through wasn’t needed if you would have just spent 2 minutes packing a lunch. Those are simple things we chalk up to our own voice. We shrug it off and push it aside. They seem insignificant and they seem little but they are something we quickly question and then move on.

If you are a believer and say that you can’t hear God speak to you, it’s because you’re not listening. We have these worldly views that our human brain cannot wrap our minds around and we try to explain it away. We try and reason with the voice in the back of our mind asking us the make the best choice. The right choice.

A friend had told me of a significant event that happened in her life a few years back. She had her two boys in tow and after scrounging through the pantry to find nothing but crumbs and empty boxes, she decided that it was time to make a shopping trip to Costco, where she could fill her pantry and then some. They were almost bare bones in the kitchen. Even the back up snacks were gone. She and the boys successfully filled their cart with snacks, meats, veggies, fruits, frozen foods, ect. All the essentials they could ever need. She also spent a small fortune in the process. The cost did not bother her because she knew it was what more than what they needed. She loads the boys and their bountiful haul into their tightly packed SUV and head home. They have over an hour drive home and most of it is back roads. As she makes her way home, she is stopped by a school bus and waits for 2 girls to be dropped off.

As she watches the girls run up the drive way into their home, she starts to hear a whisper. Its quiet but very direct. ‘That family needs the food more than you do. Pull in and let them have what you have just bought’. She shrugs it off. An hour drive to the store. All the food her family needs. The money they just spent. She keeps driving. As she does, she hears the whisper get louder. ‘That family needs the food more than you do. Turn around and go back to their house and give them what you have just bought’. She continues to drive for 30 minutes before the voice is so loud and direct that she just cannot shake what she is being told.

She comes to a stop light. Still hearing the command given to her but unable to shake it off and move on, she finally listens and turns around. She was half way home and is now turning around to drive another 30 minutes back from where she was to listen to this voice in her head. Now I’m not sure about you but two things would be going through my head at this point, ‘I am crazy! No other explanation except for the pure fact that I am completely and utterly losing my mind. My kids are saints and my husband is going to kill me.’ Ok. Three things. Give me enough time and I am sure I could add to this list. Could you imagine. You just spent a couple hundred dollars on food to feed YOUR family and now you are driving yourself and your two boys to some strangers house in the middle of God only knows where, to give them your food all because you heard a whisper. You don’t know these people. You don’t have a clue who they are, if they need it or why you are even doing what you’re doing.

But she turned around. She listened to that whisper. She knew that God had something really big planned and she was supposed to be apart of it. Even though she doubted and questioned every time she heard that voice to turn around, she knew eventually she would.

When she got to the house, she pulled in the driveway. No one was outside so she went and knocked on the front door. A little girl answered. She recognized her as one of the girls who had gotten off the bus about a half hour ago. ‘Is your mom or dad here?’ She asked. A man came to  the door. He was tall, looked like he had been working in a factory all day. Stained hands and work pants. His mid 60’s. Perhaps a grandparent to these little girls. He replied, ‘How can I help you?’. My friend, in a shaky but confident voice said, ‘This might sound crazy but I drove past your house when the girls were dropped off from the bus. I heard God ask me to stop and drop off the groceries I had just bought at the store, to you. I just went to the store and the back of my SUV is filled to the brim with food. Please come and take what you need.’ The man started sobbing. He explained that he had fallen on hard times and that they were short on food. He described his cupboards looking much like the cupboards my friend had waiting for her at home. The difference was, he wasn’t sure when they would be able to go to the grocery store or have a meal like she was able to provide for her family. My friend never questioned this family, but lovingly opened up her truck and told them to take what they needed.

I sat in awe as she told me this story. Tears came to my eyes as they are now writing this. Bold love and confidence that God was leading her to be apart of His plan, was all it took. She told me that when the man came to the door, he was wearing a hat that said ‘God Bless America’ and she knew that was her sign that she had made the right choice.

Why do we argue with God? Why do we discount that voice in our head. Do we think He is really going to lead us down a path we might regret? Do we not have enough faith in Him to guide us where He wants to show up and bless us where we least expect it?

You’ve been praying to God that you need His help losing weight, but you pull into the McDonald’s drive through and order lunch. ‘Not now God. I need your help tomorrow. When I prayed that you would help me be strong and stay on track, I didn’t mean now. I forgot to pack a lunch and I am really hungry. You wouldn’t understand.’ You’ve been praying that God will bring new people in to your life because you’re getting tired of the pessimistic life you’re living but you get an invite from old friends who want to go out drinking at the bar. The same friends who have lived a life you’re embarrassed by and wouldn’t accept for your own. You hear God start to speak, but you reply with, ‘Not now God. I am bored and I just want to go out. What is the harm in hanging out with these toxic people once in a while?’ You’ve been dating a nice guy for a few weeks but you’re starting to notice signs that make you question your trust in him. You’ve been praying to God that he’d send you someone who could love and support you but you don’t want to face the facts that he might have someone else on the side because he looks oh so good and he’s really nice and pays for everything you do together. ‘Not now God. I don’t need you whispering in my ear telling me he is not the right one for me and that he’s not committed. I’m holding out until Christmas. I see a nice pair of diamond earrings in my future.’

If you are a believer and say that you can’t hear God speak to you, it’s because you’re not listening. He is speaking to you. He has always spoken to you. Perhaps you cannot hear Him because you’ve pushed Him aside for so long you forgot how. Spend some time alone and listen. He has a lot He wants to say to you!

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