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Sweet Baby Jesus

I started putting out Christmas decorations the last few days. I am almost done. I thought I had flowers for a wreath in my living room above my fire place but I cannot find them. I LOVE decorating in general but for Christmas, it just makes my heart happy. Call me materialistic but it's a… Continue reading Sweet Baby Jesus

A is for Apologetics, Equipping Moms

Little Minds, Big Questions

A friend of mine who has recently started attending church again, after a handful of years when she stepped away from church had told me that her son was having a hard time understanding why everyone would celebrate Jesus' death when it's something so sad. Through the eyes of a 7 year old who is… Continue reading Little Minds, Big Questions


Unconditional Love

Last week Anna and I popped into Walmart to grab a couple of things. I, of course, had to pep talk and bribe her with m&m's to make sure she knew today was a day she was riding in the cart, not walking. When we walked through the door, I seen a mom, close to… Continue reading Unconditional Love