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Sweet Baby Jesus

I started putting out Christmas decorations the last few days. I am almost done. I thought I had flowers for a wreath in my living room above my fire place but I cannot find them. I LOVE decorating in general but for Christmas, it just makes my heart happy. Call me materialistic but it’s a hobby of mine and it makes me happy.

A couple of years ago I bought this really cute wooden sculpture thing of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. It’s one solid piece with all three represented. Anna looked at it and said, ‘oh look at mom, it’s a baby!’. I said ‘yes, Anna it’s baby Jesus’. She said, ‘Oh yeah, Jesus. But Jesus isn’t a baby mom! He’s big, not little.’

When you think of baby Jesus, does anyone else flashback to that scene on Talladega Nights when they’re praying at the table before dinner to baby Jesus?

This was a tough question because how do you explain to a 4 year old that Jesus was fully God and fully human when He came to earth? He was born to simple, unextraordinary people. They weren’t well known. They were quiet. They just blended in. But they were perfect in God’s eyes to carry out His plan to bring Jesus into the world.

I think we often assume that Jesus was God’s plan B. That God didn’t realize that we would screw things up so Jesus was the back up when He realized we messed up and couldn’t fix it on our own or fix it through the many opportunities He made available to us in the prior years leading up to Jesus. The covenant that God gave to us in the Old Testament should have been obtainable for us to achieve. Right? Wrong. It’s all wrong. Jesus was never God’s plan B. In fact, the very beginning of Genesis tells us that Jesus was present. Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The Hebrew word for God in this verse is Elohim. It’s important to know what the original language was because it helps us understand those hard to answer questions (and sometimes just confuses us more). When we see that Elohim was a plural word for God, meaning more than one present, we can see that the Trinity was there at the beginning. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

How did I explain this to Anna? Well if you know me, I over explain everything to my kids all the time. But I started by asking her questions. Anna, do you think Jesus grew up to be big? Just like I started as a baby and grew up to be big? Why wouldn’t God just make Jesus appear like an adult?

Christmas and Easter are Jesus centered holidays that we celebrate and often bring up a lot of questions from the kids. I encourage you to help them critically think through the answers themselves. Ask them rhetorical questions. Get their brains working!

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