More Than A Feeling

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to country music, but on our way Up North this weekend for a wedding, we spent most of our 6 hours in the car listening to country music. A lot of it was terrible (really really terrible!) but a few songs I liked. A couple Kenny Chesney songs came on the radio and I noticed they all had a reference to something plucked from the Bible. It made me kind of feel nice because it’s always good to hear a reference to God in something secular and mainstream.

Then it got me thinking about a Facebook article I had posted last week about the uber popular book, Girl Wash Your Face. I had a few people reach out to me looking for clarification about what I had said. To summarize a little bit of what I posted, I had mentioned that I have been invited to a couple of book clubs who are reading this book – by Christian friends. I am not saying that the book is bad and not to read it but that the book has many references to the Bible, God and who ‘they’ say Jesus is. What makes me a little uncomfortable about the book and the reason I posted the article and my opinion is that it is being published by a Christian publishing company, is being marketed as a Christian self-help book and is ranked as  number 1, 2 and 3 best selling Christian book/audio on Amazon. People who are new to Christianity or the faith do not always know when they’re being fed Christian fluff. This book probably has some great components in it! It’s not ranked #1 and popular because it gives terrible advice and stinks BUT it is NOT a Christian book.

This book, along with a LOT (probably most) of secular and mainstream pop culture that have little sprinkles of references to Jesus, the Bible and God are not always accurate. The outrageous and the feel good are what sell and it doesn’t matter how biblically accurate it is, as long as it makes you feel good and/or is outrageous enough to make you want more. Just as I am going to take the movie Exodus: Kings & Gods with a grain of salt when it comes to biblical accuracy and truth, that is the way EVERYTHING outside of the living and breathing Bible that God poured life into, should be taken. You know that little pang in your stomach when you’re just not sure but you’re too lazy to get the correct information for yourself? Yeah, stop doing that. Listen to that feeling and start digging for truth and what God’s word really says.

I write this not for the new or disconnected Christian, but for the one who knows when they hear something or read something and question it’s truth. For the Christian who is tired of being fed fluff just to make them feel better about themselves – the fluff is like sugar. It tastes good going down but it does not have lasting power and will leave you wanting more. The truth that we find when we yearn and really get to know how magnificent our God is, will be the only thing you need to satisfy and sustain.

The time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3

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