John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son. So that whoever believes in him shall have everlasting life. John 3:16

This is a verse many have heard, even if you’re are not a faith follower, you have probably still heard it a time or 10. God loved. Jesus loved and was sent here to show the love God has for His people. I am His people. You are His people. God so loved the world that He gave His son Jesus to show an immeasurable amount of love to ANYONE who believed in Him. 

When you become a believer, something instantly happens. You are filled from head to toe with the Holy Spirit. The moment you accept Jesus, there is an internal shift. You walk a little straighter and have a joy filled heart busting at the seams. I remember that feeling so well. I was also scared of judgement because I didn’t know anyone in their late 20’s in a similar boat like me. But my goodness, there was just an undeniable joy I felt! 

In an instant I was forgiven for everything I had ever done in my past or would undoubtedly do in my future. Instantly. Without question. Unconditional love. 

For real? YEAH! For real!! The bad choices I made, the sins I held on to and buried deep, all of it – forgiven. And God didn’t set it up so that I had no choice but to live a perfect life until the end of my days. He KNEW I would mess up again, and forgave me for that before I even made the mistake. 

With this radical love He gave to me, I was filled with an undeniable urge to love others the way He has loved me. Has it been flawless? – no way! Have I messed up and done it wrong? – you bet! Will I continue to get it wrong once in a while? – probably. But as I am growing deeper in my faith, and those that have will say this too, you discover some really cool spiritual gifts God has equipped you with. Some have really cool fancy gifts. Wait wait. Actually ALL of them are really cool fancy gifts! Your gift is unique to you. That ALONE makes it really cool and fancy. 

When you leave that moment after you’ve accepted Salvation, you walk away and what next? You’re still a pretty messy person with more baggage than you care to admit, so HOW on earth can you be effective? God so loved the world that he gave. God gave. 

When you tap into the spiritual gift that God has given to you, that is how you give God to others. 

Jill Briscoe said, ‘Your greatest mission is within your own two feet’.

You can give what you have between your own to feet and be highly effective. You don’t have to have it all together to be effective. You don’t have to do it big to be effective. You will make the biggest difference between your own two feet, than you will doing anything else. 

God has equipped me with nothing I’d write home about but simple skills that make a big impact. I can cook and I can sew. Nothing fancy in my human eyes but in Gods eyes, it’s very fancy indeed. He knew these skills would come in hand and serve others well. 

I cut out fabric this afternoon for a dear friend who is in need of a simple project done to help keep her daughter safe. Nothing you and I might see as fancy but God gave me this skill so I could give His love to others. If there is a chance to help a mom within our community by bringing them dinner, I am the first to sign up because God gave me this skill so I could give His love to others. 

Simple. Impactful. Unconditional love. 

Give simply to show Gods amazing love that He has gave to you. 

Maybe a simple hand written note (which I think is just about one of the coolest things!), a phone call or text, a hug, a batch of cookies, coffee supplies dropped off because a dear friend is dealing with 3 under 3 and forgot to grab some while at the store. Whatever your gift, don’t doubt that it can make a difference! Give love. Give big. 

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