If this, then that

We’ve been in our new house one full week, today. It feels good to have a home we know is going to be our forever home. We get to do things and make plans for the next 15+ years here. We are going to need every second of that time too because it’s probably going to take us 15+ years to unpack everything! I went into the barn earlier today looking for a clock. Something that should seem simple to find, but it wasn’t and I never found it.
I was recapping my day as I started to wind down for the night and it’s been a busy day filled with Polly Pockets, Ramen Noodles, Red Lobster homemade biscuits and Super Wings on netflix. However, not ONE thing on my to-do list, to get us closer to being settled here, got checked off. I do not regret spending those moments with the kids instead of boxes, but I started thinking about the verse in Philippians, I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.
My high school friend, Katie just finished the Chicago Marathon and she had this amazing video she posted to Facebook earlier last week. It was really breath taking. Sometimes I imagine myself if I were in a super cool new age-y hipster video, or heck, even a 1999 Britney Spears video as a back up dancer, and what I would look like. Katie was running in slow motion and she looked flawless but so real. She looked like me. I looked like her. I imagined myself in her shoes running in slow motion towards the finish line. But it was the words in the video that were so powerful. Katie worked her tail off to get to the point where she could complete in the Chicago Marathon. She was not born a size 2 athletic super star. She had a baby, a career and a husband. She had obstacles and road blocks. She doubted herself along the way, probably more times than she’d care to admit. But in that video, she made it!
Katie didn’t barter with God and say, well if you give me strong legs, THEN I’ll run. No. She said, I will run and put my trust in YOU LORD, to carry me across the finish line. I started thinking about my time un-packing (or not un-packing I should say). I cannot say to God, if you give me 2 more hours in my day, then I will get this done. God cannot give me more time, but what He does say is, put your time in with me and I will manipulate the clock to work in your favor.
I think of it like Tithing too. You cannot barter with God and say, I will give you my first 10% if you give me a better job first. God will challenge you and say, give me your first 10% and watch MY math work for your good.
Late night ramblings, I know but I hope you find some value in it because it is so true and yet, so easy to forget. God wants to work with you, not against you.

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