Give to God and Grow

You can’t grow if you don’t go (there). 

We spend a lot of time talking ourselves out of some things God is calling us towards. 

I’ve made the excuse 100 times and have heard the excuse 100 times. My weekends and evenings are for me. My ‘me time’ goes by so fast and I just want to spend the time at home with my family. I have a lot on my to-do list. 

When we start saying those things to ourselves, I think it’s time for a reality check. Who helped you get that job that you enjoy rest from, to make money for the house and things you have, and the family you love so much? 

If you have 1 hour in your day to spend on social media, getting distracted in articles you read (which may be uplifting and inspiring), news stories, mom2mom forum drama and your friends 50th dog post for the day, then you have time to give to God and grow. 

Don’t give God your last. Give Him your best. He has people giving Him what they have leftover every day, but you were called to give Him more than that. A true relationship starts to blossom when you build on it. The foundation of Christ is as stable and strong as it gets. Don’t waste your time artificially filling in space where you are yearning for authenticity. Who is more authentic than a God who wants to be your Father and Best Friend? 

When my kids wake up, early in the morning, they are filled with energy. They are loud, excited and go 100 mph. 6am. Everyday. If I have to run to the grocery store, we have a play date or errands to run, I plan our outings in the morning. They will be more attentive, respectful and listen the best early in our day. As the day goes on, they spend their energy doing whatever it is that they do to fill their time with. By 6pm when we finally sit down for dinner, it’s almost if they have lost their minds. It is an ongoing struggle to get us all to sit at the dinner table without someone spilling something, a disgusted grunt or high pitched screaming over something that hasn’t even happened yet. My kids have spent their whole day giving and giving and giving, the last 2 hours of their night, they have nothing left to give. 

The difference between my kids and I is that I know better. I know where my energy is going and that some of it should be going to God. My kids do not know how to spend their day wisely, they use up all they have to offer in the first 5 hours of their day. 

If you are busy like me, and rarely have 5 minutes to yourself, take control of the time and make it a family event. Sit down, open your bible and share the stories you’re reading. I can guarantee, your kids will ask questions you are not prepared to answer but they will help you grow. Get uncomfortable. Tell them you don’t know the answer and then take the time to find out together. 

God is not asking you to be perfect. He is just asking you to do the best that you can do with what you have. You’ll set a habit for yourself and teach your kids the same. I bet you will start feeling better, have more patients, start seeing favor in areas you have never seen before and while growing your relationship with Christ, also grow your relationship with your kids. 

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