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Creationism – educating your kids

A few months ago I picked up a book by Dinesh D’Souza titled, What’s So Great About Christianity. I haven’t read through the whole thing yet but I am slowly getting there. Last night while reading one of the chapters called, Miseducating The Young: Saving Children From Their Parents, I ran across the following in his book;

Biologist Richard Lewontin believes that ‘the problem is to get them to reject irrational and supernatural explanations of the world, the demons that exist only in their imaginations, and to accept a social and intellectual apparatus, science, as the only begetter of truth.

Philosopher Daniel Dennett suggest that ‘our religious traditions should certainly be preserved, as should the language, the art, the costumes, the rituals, the monuments. Zoos are now more or less seen as second-class havens for endangered species, but at least they are havens, and what they preserve is irreplaceable”.

The agenda is pushed through indoctrination within the schools. Dennet urges that the schools teach religion as a purely natural phenomenon. By this he means that religion should be taught as if it were untrue. Dennet argues that religion is like sports or cancer, “a human phenomenon composed of events, organisms, objects, structures, patterns.” By studying religion on the premise that there is no supernatural truth underlying it, Dennet argues that young people will come to accept religion as a social creation pointing to nothing higher than human hopes and aspirations.

Dennet is heavily influenced by Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins who are famously known for their belief in Evolution.

As I was reading through this chapter last night, I felt this incredible urge to speak from a mother’s point of view for a few reasons. First, man this makes me want to homeschool my kids! I told my husband this morning, I feel a need to get educated better in Creationism so I can teach my kids. Second, I feel the need to get better educated in Creationism so I can teach my kids. There is so much pressure put on teachers and staff to teach the way we see fit. In fact, just a few months ago, I remember there was great discussion on my Facebook newsfeed saying that schools need to bring back home-ec classes. While I don’t disagree with that, it makes me wonder, when did we as parents, lose our ability to do those things? Are we so wrapped up in some socially created ‘to-do’ list that we cannot parent the way God has intended us to do any longer? Therefore, we expect and demand the school system to meet our every need? No, I am sorry sweet Cindy and Sam, I cannot teach you to cook or fold laundry because I am too busy working and have to afford this boat we really don’t need but I feel so pressured that I NEED to have, in order for us to be happy as a family and spend quality time together. Is it time or things that are driving our goals? Is it our God influenced to-do list or our look-what-we-have list that is driving our goals?

As I write this, I know I will ruffle some feathers and if you feel convicted by the Holy Spirit, before getting mad at me for the words that I am writing, check to make sure your heart and priorities are in the right place. Galatians 5:13 says, “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” Are you serving the flesh or your family and God?

As a follower of Christ and a daughter of the Most High King, it is my job to raise my kids and to educate them as God has called me to do, no one else. The things that I find important in my life, I will make time for. My heart breaks for those who do not get to experience the greatness that God has to offer. The physical feeling of peace and joy that one cannot explain but feel in every inch of their body when they are connected through relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have experienced healing or an answered prayer of any kind, you know what this feeling is. Even in the moments when our prayers are not answered the way we expect, God comforts us and still leaves us with that peace and joy. That is why I follow Him. That is why I will proudly raise my kids to follow Him too.

I have a dear childhood friend who does not attend church regularly and I am still unsure what her relationship with Christ is, but she has said to me a few times, “I see believing in God as trying to be a good person to other people, and at the end of my life, if it is all fake, at least I tried to be a good person while here on earth”.

Although I cannot agree with her whole-heartedly, because I know there is a Heaven and Hell, I, 100% understand what she means and cannot disagree with her. If I am doing my children a disservice by raising them to be good humans while here in this life, than I guess I will take the blame and hold the title for miseducating my children.

There are MANY wonderful Christian scientists but yet we do not often hear their voice. Recently I was told about a book titled Star Struck: Seeing the Creator in the Wonders of Our Cosmos by Dr. David Bradstreet and Steve Rabey and the reviews are outstanding. I am not completely or even closely educated in Creationism but I think I’m going to start here.

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  1. Great post Cassie! I would love to talk to you about homeschooling if you ever have any questions or thoughts to bounce at me.

    Have you seen the documentary “Is Genesis History?” It’s amazing! Also, a great curriculum series on apologetics is from a company called Apologia that you could go through with the kids at home/weekends 🙂

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