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Sweet Baby Jesus

I started putting out Christmas decorations the last few days. I am almost done. I thought I had flowers for a wreath in my living room above my fire place but I cannot find them. I LOVE decorating in general but for Christmas, it just makes my heart happy. Call me materialistic but it's a… Continue reading Sweet Baby Jesus


Should Protestant’s Follow Lent?

Each year around Christmas and Easter, I start to really question 'how things are done'. I'm not even sure what I mean when I say that but what I think I mean is, why does the Catholic Church do this, and why don't we? I didn't receive salvation in 2014 at a Catholic Church but… Continue reading Should Protestant’s Follow Lent?


Crazy Small Tables Are A Good Thing

It was several years ago that I saw a counselor on a regular basis. I remember she had encouraged me to do things on my own. I spent so much time doing things with my mom and sisters growing up, that I really didn't know myself. I didn't have my own interests because my interests… Continue reading Crazy Small Tables Are A Good Thing