If you count your blessing as the materialistic item you posses, you do not know the true meeting of being blessed.

It is easy to look around your room and thank God for all that you have. A roof over your head. A soft pillow to sleep on each night. A closet filled with endless printed leggings. All of the things we could easily pick out as a blessing from God.

Psalm 23:1  ‘The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.’

We know our God provides. At the end of the day, our trust is in Him to care for our every need. But it is this trust that is tested in our darkest times, where we see what a true blessing from God is.

Each person has their weak spot. This is the area the enemy has studied well. He knows every crack and corner in your life that will set you back and trip you up. He spends every spare minute of his time finding new ways to get to you, especially when God has protected you from infiltration. Satan always finds a way.

That sounds intimidating doesn’t it? If satan can always find a way to get to you, why try and defend yourself from his evil ways?

Here’s why. Your God is much bigger than satan will ever be! When you continue to grow deeper in your faith and to strengthen your relationship with Christ and trust, you will learn new ways to go to battle prepared.

God blesses you when your trust Him. It is in those deep dark moments you could easily be swallowed up but instead you see a hint of light because you trust God will help you through.

When you feel the walls caving in around you, fall on your knees and ask for help. Let your God know you trust Him wholly to guide and protect you. Speak the words aloud. Demand satan take a back seat and leave you alone. Stand firm. Stand tall. Stand side by side with your Creator and Protector. Shine bright and you will prevail!

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