Be Willing To Learn Something New

This past spring I sent, what looked like a dating ad, to my Pastor. I felt like I was getting stuck on my spiritual journey, with what I was doing alone and needed help to get over that hump. He had given me a name of a wonderful person within our congregation and in the past 5ish months she and I have been meeting once a week to walk through a series titled, ‘Growing Strong in God’s Family’. Next week we start the second series of the book.

I feel that I have an advantage being a newer Christian because when I hear a story, it is usually for the first time. When I read a passage, I am typically in awe and what God has done. I don’t have a jaded view or boring thought when it comes to reading scripture for the 500th time because it hasn’t happened. However, walking through this study has shown me a few things that I have been wrong about over the past few years.

Gods word is never boring. I can’t recount of a time when a fellow Christian has said that a story or verse was boring but I just thought after so many times going through a verse, one would do an eye roll when reading it over and over again. I mean, yes we know Jesus fed a multitude of people with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. How does that get exciting every time you read it? But it does! Perhaps the verse isn’t transforming in and of itself BUT the miracle of what Jesus was able to do and still able to do, is mind-blowing. AND there were left overs. I think of it like this. We can sit in a service a church for 6 weeks in a row and feel that we’re not getting fed anymore. The messages aren’t speaking to us the way that they once did. But does that change who Jesus is and what He did for us? No way! If we cannot find Jesus in the message, then we’re too busy worrying about how the message effects us and not the person who is hearing it for the first time.

Cole likes to wake up really early. Too early, in fact. His whisper is a dull roar first thing in the morning. I constantly remind him to whisper at 6am because the girls are sleeping and he’ll wake them. His mouth is going 100 miles a minute at 6am because he has a lot on his mind that he’s been thinking about since probably 5am when he really woke up but knew it wasn’t appropriate to come downstairs just yet. He’s like a bull in a china shop. Well intentioned but just too much all at once. In many scenarios over the past few years, I have also been like a bull in a china shop when entering a conversation where there is a small little window for me to talk about God. I bust into a conversation because I don’t want to miss my opportunity to talk about Jesus. I cannot think of a time when I have met people where they’re at. In fact, I usually tell them what they ‘should’ think about God. God has asked me to speak to Christians in a way to get them to want to dig deeper but in those settings and conversations with nonbelievers, I have been doing it all wrong. I don’t spend time getting to understand why they think and believe the way they do. What I say and what I do, is not going to deepen any relationship. That is the job of the Holy Spirit. I need to step way back and listen, love and encourage not bust in and tell them what they ‘should’ be doing.

I have also found a personal importance for scripture memorization. I cannot say I am good at it BUT I know why it’s something God has asked us to do and I get excited to challenge myself in a way I haven’t before.

I share this as more of a journal entry for what’s been going on over the past few months, but I hope there is something you’re able to gain from sharing my experience too. Perhaps, it’s that we all could use a little fine tuning on our walk with Christ.

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