Be Aware!

I have found in recent conversations with the women I am meeting and mentoring through a tough time, is their unawareness of who satan is. If it wasn’t for an incredible study I did a little over a year ago by Pricilla Shrier in Ephesians called Armor Of God (click the link to find the book on Amazon), I might be fully unaware of who he is also. Yes satan came to kill, steal and destroy like a thief in the night, but he also dresses him self up in self shame, humiliation, self worth, jealousy and anger. Things we play off as human and ‘flesh’ problems (meaning we blame ourselves and our head for not working right) but girls, be aware!

The role of mom is the toughest there is on the planet. Not only is being a women tough enough but once you put on your mom badge, whewwww it’s a whole new ball game. Comparison, question, worry, wonder, I could make a list of a thousand items and still go on. There are moments when we feel confident in our choices and role as mom but my bet is, if you’re like me, you question your effectiveness 23 hours out of the day. Especially if you have that strong willed child who makes you question your worth as a person, period. The one who makes your blood boil at any moment all while still loving their little lives so much, you’d jump in front of a train to save them. These kids bring us to our knees more than anything else in this world. Phew, ya feel me mama??

I wonder why I was chosen to be a mom a lot and as of late, wonder why we thought #4 was a good idea. Some days are tough, like uber tough! On days I find my thoughts wandering to a deep and dark place, I go there. I don’t mean to, but I do. I pray, God please take these thoughts from my mind and replace them with you thoughts. I tell myself that God has me on this path and that He would not have chosen this life for me, if He didn’t think I could handle it. But sometimes that isn’t enough and those thoughts are still there and circling around my head like a little brain tornado eating me alive from the inside out.

A handful of years ago, we had moved into a new house and it had seemed like everything was going wrong. Honestly, thinking back to what those things were, I couldn’t tell you, but I remember the moment I was aware of what was really going on. Yes God was in control and yes God had my back but I wasn’t letting God do what God needed to do because I was so focused on the bad, I could not see the good. I had fallen into the trap that satan creates for us, time and time again. Once I realized who I was letting control the situation, I put a stop to it! The barely warm spring days had just started and I marched my little booty outside and walked every inch of our property and when I was done, I came inside the house and touched every wall and walked every square foot of our house. As I was walking, I was putting satan in his place. “You will not control the thoughts in this house. You will not win. You do not deliver good, you deliver evil and you are NOT WELCOME HERE!” I am sure I said a whole lot of other things too but I made sure he knew he was not welcome in my house and on my property.

There is a physical feeling when you put God first and tell satan who is in charge. The Holy Spirit takes His rightful place inside your head and your heart and there is a healing that begins to happen. In almost every conversation, I will ask, “Are you aware that satan is just as real as God is?” and I have yet to have someone answer me with a yes. And in that moment, I can see and feel a physical change to their thoughts about the situation they are struggling with. To the mom who is being eaten alive by comparison, guilt, shame, fear, or whatever else, you need to tell satan to get out! I’m not talking about sitting in bed at night and saying a little prayer to yourself before you go to bed, I am talking active faith. Get up, put your armor on (look it up in Ephesians and read read read) and tell satan to take a hike!! Yell, scream, shout, look like a fool and do it with meaning from every fiber in your body.

**added extra – As a person who has openly shared her struggles with depression and PPD, there is a difference between depression and having a bad day. This advice can be used in conjunction with both, but if you are having more bad days than good, please seek help from a doctor and do not feel shame. You are more precious than all the rubies in the world (Proverbs 3:15) sister!

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