About Me

Hi, I’m Cassie Showerman

I am a Michigan wife and mother of 4 kids who loves Bigby coffee way too much but not as much as I love Jesus!

I have a Bachelors Degree in Human Service from Baker College and worked in the field for almost 10 years before deciding to be a stay at home mom a few months after our first was born. While I was working outside of the home, I spent most of my time working for a local non-profit counseling homeless individuals and families helping them work towards stable housing. I also wrote and was awarded a grant to help one of the largest migrant populations in lower Michigan and met with them almost weekly in the summer months while they were here working on a local farm.

In late 2013 I found my love for community and connecting with women when I became a health and fitness coach. In the next couple of years to follow that first step, I found it my passion to help women through challenging times in their lives and motivate them to become their best self. I started a fitness club where over 40 women gathered weekly workout and work on their heart. During that time, I found Jesus and it only fueled my passion for connecting with women. Following the birth of our third, I found myself in a different season of life and decided to walk away from my role as a health and fitness coach.

In 2014, I met Jesus and fell in love, I was baptized unexpectedly (but of course it was on God’s calendar) in spring 2015 and my heart has been on fire ever since. I continue to connect with women who I consider sisters within our church and outside of our church. God has given me a gift to guide and mentor women who are looking to go deeper on their walk with Christ. I haven’t stepped into that role until recently, fearing my lack of biblical knowledge, teaching and experience but I know it is where God has called me to be. He has given me a passion to get to know His word more so I can better help equip a generation yearning for more. You can follow that journey on my IG: cassieshowerman

What is God Shaped Mom?

God Shaped Mom is any women who feels a deep yearning and desire to get to know Christ on a deeper level and chase after the dream He has set our for her. She might not even know God yet or perhaps she’s walked hand in hand with Him for decades, but she is looking to fill a hole by connecting a missing link she might find the answer to, here. At God Shaped Mom, she will feel equipped, empowered and encouraged. She will walk away having tools she can practically apply to her life and feel rested knowing God has her right where He needs her for this season in her life (We talk a lot about seasons because I am becoming a pro at the ever changing)

Do not feel like this is a place to just come, read and be on your way. I am called to connect and if you are feeling that God is asking you to go deeper but you don’t know how, please reach out!

I pray for my GS moms daily and know you have someone in your corner cheering you on, always.

– Cassie